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Suspicious minds 

It all began with some problems of vision in mid-2011. Forbidden to read, paint, lead... I just could be... thinking. I got between my hands a mini camera that I started to use with people who surrounded me. Despite my physical limitations, I felt curiosity to see those photographs (blurred, moved, or correct) despite the eye injury could be. I was calling the individuals photographed, at the beginning, "suspects", without further description or surname.

I began to "suspect" about the "suspects" because I noticed details such as:

 - They used to have solid opinion on the majority of topics.

- They’re able to process the information that they receive.

- They reasoned and drew conclusions (some more successful than others).

- Some claimed that the thought made us free.

- In short, they employed the head for something more than combing their hair. 

Investigating and talking to "Don José", responsible for the registration of SusMin, I discovered that most (almost all the names) were already open tab in the register. Also to Montag, the firefighter who burned books, confirmed that the houses of my (now called so) suspicious minds, were on the list of the next Fahrenheit 451 - bis. G.O maintained that, while 1984 was already far away, the thought police, was still acting in the shade and an alfa-plus told me that the Elimination of art, literature or philosophy had failed to a happier world. 

According to the dictionaries SUSPICION:... is the belief or assumption made from conjectures. That may or may not be true. "That comes from the distrust a person (individual) or persons (collective) based on the, new, belief that has or is likely to do something not accepted by the authorities or society..."

Do after so much belief; I think that the suspicion could be just a matter of faith as a religion or magneto therapy? 

Suspicious minds of this project which started in 2011 are in 2013 more than 100 people (are looking not for the quantity but the quality of the suspects) and if anyone believes you can identify or be one of them and want to participate, do not have than send us your desire.  

Finally make it clear that my intention was always to protect them and definitely put me on the list, as one more suspicious mind.  

Palma, on May 21, 2013

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