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Paisajes lindos

Postal num.6 intervenida, 2016


Beautiful Landscapes...

Thanks to the Casa Planas Cultural Centre's offer to participate in a global postcard intervention project by Josep Planas i Montanyà, I have had access to the collection of his archive to choose, among all of them, the ones I wanted to manipulate.
"Paisajes lindos" (Beautiful Landscapes) is the title that I thought was the most suitable. Beautiful landscapes, such as the beginning of a song from the 1940s, "Bajo el cielo de Palma" (Under the sky of Palma) by Bonet de Sant Pere who sang the virtues of the landscapes of this island.
This project of more than 50 postcards goes from Mallorca "Paradise" as described by Gertrude Stein and Robert Graves, to the time of this selection (memories of Mallorca 60's, mostly), years of the tourist boom in Mallorca with promotional songs such as "Me lo dijo Pérez", "El puente" or "Vuelo 502", passing through a present of the "For Sale" and the tourist crowds that have made difficult, this summer, the daily life of many natives of the Island or the Islands.
To eventually reach a future, which I do not know which will be, but I have tried to devise using doses of humour, irony and exaggeration, (or not ...) but I hope, for our sake and for the sake of my / our esteemed "rock" that does not become a reality.


Postcards intervened, 2016-2017. Medidas variables.


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