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confidencialment... wanted 

“confidencialment… wanted” (confidentially... wanted) is the work that Esther Olondriz presents in “The viewpoint” of the street Set Cantons, 6 of Palma.

Is part of the series that she has been working since 2011 “suspicious minds”. Manipulated photos of people from her environment related, mostly with the culture, that assure that the thought makes people free, makes them rationalize and extract conclusions and all in all they THINK, so their minds are potentially suspicious.

The intervention turns out from a paradoxically “WANTED” but, it is wanted in a confidential way (a bit contradictory). It tries to put obstacles to the recognition of these suspicious and at the same time, it makes its search public in a place as visible as the “The Viewpoint”.

“The viewpoint” is a project, initiative of Lluís Fuster that hands over to other artists and that turns out differently as the usual spot that can only be seen from the street. “Confidentially... wanted” from Esther Olondriz is the fourth made intervention of it. The three firsts ones were made by the artist Xavier de Kepper, Lluís Fuster and Paco Espinosa.

25th of January - 28th of February. 2014.





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