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Itinerari de la memòria (Esnotz-Mallorca-Esnotz)

Memòria esvaïda, digital reproductions intervened, 200x200cm. 2017


The itinerary of memory Stay at CAC Huarte (Navarra) during 2017 The Itinerary Esnoz-Mallorca recreates the journey made by the father, who deceased in 1974. Mallorca-Esnotz is the journey in opposite direction, departing from an Island overrun by tourists/of mass tourism to a remote location in Navarra, which is where he was born. And represents the search of the family trace and my own identity. The centre for contemporary art of Huarte, is located at about 25 km from Esnotz. I visited Esnoz for one day only in the 1979. The memòria esvaïda (vanished memories) like the one I have from my father. Constant presence in a long absence.


Memòria esvaïdaMemòria esvaïda (detalle).



En el cruce, 1979-2017 analog and digital photographs.
Medidas variables.




Diferentes visiones de la memoria,
mixta-collage, 2016-18 num obras y
medidas variables

etxea-casa, playa 4

etxea-casa, playa 8




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