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Històries protegides irracionalistes

Protected irrational histories is a project of Esther Olondriz(4o-2a), Ruth Valencia (3º-2ª) and Veronica Lorenzo (1º2ª).

These neighbors and residents in Casa Pallicer from Palma, one day decided to give voice and image to this rational building designed by Francesc Casas.

3 different proposals will be exposed on Friday, the 27th of May 2016, at the mythical Bar Karin from 19:00 till 22:00. Paint, collage, illustration and video at the bar at the ground floor of the building.

My home x 100 (Esther Olondriz)
The photo of the rational building from the architect Casas from 1940, taken as a reference the corner where he lived on the 4th floor 2nd door, with a run of 79 stairs and at the same time one of the most representative views of Casa Pallicer. From this image I have made 100 identical digital copies of 10x15, the size of a postal and in black and white. These 100 copies have been manipulated with collages, paint, etc without any intervention of any informatics program.

My home x 100
Esther Olondriz
100 fotos 15x10 c/u
mixt-collage / digital print

detall My home x 100

My home x 100
Esther Olondriz
15x10 c/u
collage / digital print


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