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Am Strand. Completa

Completa 2015 150x100 cm


Am strand - completa

I made this work in late summer 2015, a summer when it was unbearably hot in Mallorca. I went to ports or beaches, far or near, and in all of them it was impossible to put my towel on the sand during the summer months. They were all the same: COMPLETAS, NO VACACIES, VOLL BESETZT. "Am strand - completa" is an exhibition with almost one hundred postcards of Portocolom to which I have changed the name for a hundred beaches that were all equally FULL. the artwork has variable measures being the smallest measure 100x150. It is a claim in defense of our environment that can no longer withstand this congestion, focused on three or four months of the year. This writing was written in 2015. Now everything has skyrocketed and I cannot see a way to stop it. I do not know what will happen to us over the summer of 2017.


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